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For most people, a cluttered workspace makes for a cluttered brain.  In addition to being visually unpleasing, having a disorganized desk can make it harder for you to focus. Clutter plays a part of contributing to stress, anxiety, and not getting your work done. On the other hand, having an organized desk not only looks more inviting, but is a motivator to get work done.  Browse through these desk organization accessories to find simple yet effective ways to tidy up your desk. Keeping your desk organized lets you focus on what's really important:  having a stress free space, a clearer mind, and greater productivity. 

Get a Trash Can 

Make it your new bestie.  It doesn't need to be fancy, just a place for you to throw stuff that comes across your desk that is not needed.

Keep a Notebook on Hand

Not everything can be put into your phone.  I am old school, and a person that likes to write everything relevant in a notebook.  It allows me to keep ideas and information centralized, rather than spread-out across the desk.

Buy a Home Office Shredder

At the end of each day, scan over all of your papers. Determine which need to be thrown, filed, or shredded.  This might be a painful tasks at first, but once you get into the habit it will take no time at all.

Eye Pleasing Bamboo Desktop File Folder

More pleasing to the eye than the lackluster metal ones.  Keep loose papers and file folders, sorted, separated, and easily visible at your fingertips.  Perfect for use in home office.

Tower Desk Bar Organizer

I love this minimalist desktop organizer from Yamazaki Home. Made from steel and wood this unique desk bar has a spot to organize your phone, glasses and any other small items you might have laying around.  Each of their products are designed to be as smart and simple as possible.  

Organize the Mess on Your Desktop - No Purchase Required

Last, but not least, declutter your computer desktop.  Your computer screen is dreadful when it's loaded down with icons and files.  The only thing required is a bit of time to put desktop clutter in it's proper place.





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