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Years ago, my son wanted an aquarium tank filled with cute, colorful fish.  We thought, great some fish, easy to take care of, just feed them.  The problem was that no one wanted to take on the dreaded task of cleaning the tank.  Needless to say, the fish didn't last to long.

What I have come to discover, which I didn't know back then was, cleaning does not need to be difficult, especially if you make sure to do it on a schedule so you don't have to completely break it down. With a few simple cleaning supplies, your aquarium can be in tip top shape in no time and hopefully all family member can take turns cleaning it!


2020 Top Picks


Best Glass Cleaner: Aquarium Glass Magnet 

Are you tired of having to sticking your arm into the tank to clean the glass? If yes, this magnetic glass cleaner is just what you need. Tip: bigger isn't better. Opt for the smaller ones, as they are more maneuverable and don't fall off the glass as readily as the larger variety.  This one from Amazon get high ratings and is a "revolutionary magnetic aquarium cleaner and unique because it floats.  Its buoyancy makes it easy to operate and is easily guided around corners without sinking. The cleaning brush stays free of sand or gravel, preventing scratching and the strong attracting magnets easily remove algae."



Best Net:  Net Soak Net Cleaner

This fish cleaning product cleans nets safely and is to prevent transmitting disease, and prolonging the increasing the life expectancy of your fish nets.  This product is to "clean nets safely, safe and easy to use, and remove most harmful substances and keep nets moist and soft, resulting in less abrasion to fish."  



Best Water Clarifier:  API ACCU-CLEAR Freshwater Aquarium Water Clarifier

It is important to test your aquarium water weekly to maintain good quality.  To maintain a clean aquarium is to maintain good water quality. This will keep your fish healthy and vibrant, as well as preventing disease. "Clear up green or cloudy water caused by gravel and other floating particles in your freshwater aquarium quickly and safely with API ACCU-CLEAR Freshwater Aquarium Water Clarifier. This liquid clarifier combines tiny particles together to form larger clumps so they can settle at the bottom or be removed by your aquarium filter. "



Best Algae Pad:  API Algae Scrapers and Hand Held Pads

This algae scraping device allows you to use when the fish are in the aquarium. It is designed to help remove algae from acrylic aquariums.  Used as a "durable scrubbing pad with hand-held control to clean nooks and crannies."



Best Starter Kit / Overall Value:  Friendly Fish Co. Aquarium Cleaner Starter Kit 

Looking for an all in one fish tank cleaner kit? Look no further! The Friendly Fish Co. Fish Tank 3 in 1 Fish Tank Accessories Kit has everything you need to keep your fish aquarium clean & comes with the best general fish/betta fish accessories and aquarium supplies for your fish tank!  


1. 1- Aquarium Gravel Cleaner / Vacuum

2. 1- Green 4' Fish Net

3. 1- Floating Magnet Cleaner Brush w/ Scraper



A significant part of keeping your aquarium fish healthy is making sure that their habitat remains in tip top condition. Experts will agree or disagree on specific points of maintenance, but everyone agrees that following a regular routine of anything is better than nothing at all.