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Has your T.V. remote run out of batteries?  Have you watched every series on Netflix or Amazon Prime?  If you answered yes, put down the T.V. remote, step away from your computer and do something good for your brain.  What you ask?  How about a jigsaw puzzle?  Working on puzzles has the effects of improved mental health, decreased stress levels and, can boost memory retention.  Below, is a guide to various puzzles worth ordering today!

The Capitol:



Assemble with patience and carefulness for this 3D puzzle.  It's perfect for puzzle fans and architecture buffs alike.

Gummy Goodness:

"This rainbow-hued puzzled depicts a collection of gummy bears that look like you could pick them up and take a bite.  Each puzzle is designed with large pieces on the outside for the young ones, and small pieces on the inside for more experienced puzzlers!"  Each puzzle piece is unique and never repeated - all 400!

Charley Harper: The Desert

Modern artist, Charley Harper painted The Desert, the artwork depicted in this puzzle.  "The Desert" design, which features birds, cactus, butterflies, and simple geometric shapes represent the diversity of nature and the animals in it.

New York Puzzle Company New Yorker View of The World:

"Perhaps the most recognizable of all New Yorker magazine covers, this humorous cover cartoon by Saul Steinberg shows his infamous depiction of how true New Yorkers view the world around them."  View of the World - New Yorker Cover, originally published on March 29th, 1976.

The Beach Two Sided Puzzle:

A double-sided puzzle by art photographer Gray Malin.  Aerial photographs shot from a door-less helicopter; sunbathers on a sandy beach on one side and snorkelers exploring a turquoise ocean on the other side.  Environmentally conscious, the puzzle grey board contains 90% recycled paper and packaging contains 70% recycled paper.

Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Peacock Rug:

The puzzle version of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic art deco rug at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.  The 500-piece puzzle has a lot of colorful details making it just the right amount of challenge for your brain to enjoy.

Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Two Sided Puzzle:

Another Frank Lloyd Wright puzzle. With a photo of the Guggenheim world-famous museum in New York City on one side and Wright's blueprints to build the museum on the other.  One side of the puzzle is matte and the other is glossy for easy sorting. Each piece is printed with no glare, non-toxic inks.   

Areaware Gradient Puzzle:

With your choice of eight different colors this 500 piece puzzle will test your patience and mind.  "The Gradient Puzzle is a vibrant way to meditate on color."












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