Highly Rated Home Products That Are Both Clever and Cheap | Dash Home Goods

Do you find yourself surfing the Internet a lot these days out of boredom and buying things just because?  Items that you probably won't even use? If you must spend, limit your shopping to clever and affordable products that you will use (even if you might not need them.)

Portable Espresso Machine:

A hot seller on Amazon, this portable espresso machine requires no cartridges or electricity.  It's compact, lightweight and sturdy allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

Easy Electric Egg Poacher:


Able to prepare up to seven eggs at once, this electric egg cooker can hard boil your eggs hard, medium, or soft.  In addition to steaming, the egg cooker allows you to poach eggs as well as make omelettes. The automatic shut-off helps prevent overcooking.

Stainless Steel Odor Absorber Bar:

With over 4,000 reviews this falls into my category of things to buy just to see if it works.  To remove unpleasant scents from your hands simply rub it between your hands like you would a normal bar of soap, and the stainless steel bar will get rid of any unwanted odors. It's especially great for removing lasting strong odors, like seafood and garlic.

Toilet Night Light:

OK, so this is odd, but brilliant. If you're tired of stumbling through the dark to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, let me introduce you to the toilet night light. It has a built-in motion sensor so that it only turns on when someone is in the room.  Choose your favorite color or set it to rotate colors.

Perfectly Sized Pancakes and Muffins:

Pancakes, cupcakes, waffles, muffins, cakes and crepes: all fit perfectly through the dispensing valve, offering you the versatility to be in control of your bakery mixes and to create even, drip-free circles.

Electric Jar Opener:

The second I saw this I knew I needed it (really).  I can use this on almost a daily basis.  Just place the electric opener on top of your jar and watch it do all the work for you. There's zero twisting or pulling required, and the built-in magnet ensures that the lid stays put.  Opens a wide variety of jar sizes. 

ICEWATER Smart Water Bottle:

If you have trouble staying hydrated during the day this might be the water bottle for you.  Not only does this water bottle glow as a reminder for you to take a sip, but there's also a Bluetooth speaker built into the base so that you can enjoy your music. It's made from food-grade, BPA-free, rust-resistant stainless steel.

LANMU Egg Topper:

This tool removes the top piece of the shell on both hard-boiled and raw eggs, no more fragments.  It's made from high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel, and each order also comes with a spoon so that you can start eating your egg as soon as the shell is gone.

Screen Magnifier:

The screen magnifier works just like a phone projector screen, effectively doubling the size of your screen so you can enjoy movies and videos on your smartphone to the fullest in HD.  The screen magnifier is specifically designed to fit most smartphones and requires no battery.

Berry Keeper Box:

Are your expensive berries spoiling in the fridge?  Try keeping them in this berry keeper box. The berries on the bottom will stay as fresh as the ones on the top thanks to the draining and ventilation slats.  Can also be used as a miniature colander.  Ideal for berries, cherry tomatoes, and grapes.