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Right now the world is in a state of disarray and we have been hit with a double whammy.  Not only is it cold and flu season, the Coronavirus has spread throughout the world.  Besides practicing good social distancing and washing your hands often, it is important for gadgets to stay clean as well.  Time to tackle one of the germiest items in your home - the cell phone you touch endless times a day.

The average cell phone user touches their phone 2,617 times each day, according to research firm dscout.  Add that with research from the University of Arizona that found that cell phones are 10 times dirtier than most toilet seats.  Stop whatever you are doing and clean your cell phone, now!  These five products will help to get your cell phone as germ-free as possible.

Woosh! Screen Cleaner Kit:

Non-toxic Screen Shine is specifically designed to clean, polish, and protect any cell phone screen and electronic device. There are no ingredients that will etch, scratch, or damage any screen or device.  Spray and then wipe away germs with the anti-microbial cloth that comes with the spray.   Each travel-size bottle is good for about 250 sprays of cleaner, so it should last quite a while, depending on how often you like to clean your phone.

 iRoller Screen Cleaner:

Do your kids like to borrow (take) your phone to watch videos and play games?  If yes, then the surface of your screen is probably a mess with smudges and fingerprints. Roll iRoller over the face of your cell phone and sticky fingerprints should disappear. No water is necessary and you can re-use this touchscreen cleaner again and again. Measuring only 3.5 inches for the Original and 3 inches for the Mini, you can stick it in a purse or pocket and easily do a quick touch-up while on the go.

PhoneSoap 3:

PhoneSoap uses the power of UV light to sanitize your germ-ridden cell phone but inside a case so you can clean it while it charges. It takes about 10 minutes to disinfect your phone, but since it's in a protective case, both sides of your phone are sanitized at the same time.  PhoneSoap claims you a consistent kill 100% of the time. The device comes in black, white, and light gold.

UV Smart Phone Sanitizer with Aromatherapy: 


Not only does this gadget sterilize your cell phone, it also makes your phone smell good as a result of a built-in aromatherapy function.  Overkill, maybe? Similar to PhoneSoap, you place your phone in a hard case, and in six minutes your phone is germ-free (or as close as it can be) and smells refreshed from the essential oil of your choice.

Screen Cleaner and Microfiber Sponge:

Consider this the ultimate all-in-one tool.  This mini spray bottle is filled with an antibacterial solution and is wrapped in microfiber cloth so you can spray and wipe with one hand. Small in size, it allows for easy transportation in your purse, or car.  Holds enough solution for 105 cleanings.