5 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen and Walls | Dash Home Goods

I love looking through the latest design magazine for home decorating inspirations.  My favorite designs usually revolve around kitchens. The gathering place for friends and family and where we spend a significant amount of our time.  A kitchen remodel can very easily hit six figures and most of us do not have the time or money for a big remodel.

If you fall into this category, but still would like to bring your kitchen into the twenty-twenties, one of the most noticeable changes you can make is to decorate your kitchen walls and add focal points. Most people think updating your kitchen means new counter-tops, appliances, and cooking gadgets; not so. Updating your kitchen can have a big impact with transforming an old and tired looking space into something inspiring.  Here are five easy, design-savvy ideas to bring your kitchen into the new decade without demolishing anything.


1)  The Three Color Palette:

Color is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update a room. But great kitchen wall colors don’t happen by accident. The secret is in the three-color palette.  Use neutral hues for most of the items that are expensive or difficult to change such as flooring, counter-tops, and cabinets. After that, have fun and go with bold colors for items that are much easier and affordable to change out down the line such as lighting, bar stools and decorative accessories.

The best way to find the ideal three-color palette is to choose paint swatches in the shades you like and mix them around until you’re satisfied with the combination. Adding a second (or third) opinion never hurts either.  

2) Update Your Lighting:

I am a big fan of unique, eye-catching lighting to begin with; however, in the kitchen, good lighting is a must-have.  Don't stop with ceiling can lights.  Decorate your kitchen with pendants or chandeliers as they can be an excellent focal point in an otherwise bland or simple kitchen.  There are thousands of choices out there to cater to any style.  I am a fan of this budget friendly pendant listed on Amazon.

3) Family Wall:


Rather than randomly putting the kids’ creations on the fridge, think about displaying them in a more attractive way. You can easily change out pieces with this magnetic wall shelf from Dash Home. You could also add items such as family photos, grocery list, to-do items, and reminders.  Simple and clean.

4) Open Shelving:

The latest trend in kitchen design is open shelving; displaying your favorite dishes, bowls, glasses, and kitchen accessories out in the open. For some, this design idea is downright scary. You either love it or hate it. This look lightens a kitchen up by creating visual space, but requires you to hide all your mismatched items behind closed cabinet doors.  Open shelving may take a bit more work than others ideas listed, but it can look insanely stylish and pleasing to the eye if done correctly. 

5) Add a Pop of Color with Furniture:

Say you love the color red. Rather than painting an entire kitchen wall red, consider adding your favorite color with something that you can easily change out down the road. These stools from UrbanMod 24  are perfect for kitchen counters and add a bright splash of color.

The best part is that these kitchen decorating ideas can be mixed and matched to give your kitchen a face-lift worthy of a home design magazine.