The Best Gardening Tools of 2020 | Dash Home Goods

No matter where you live in this world, people love to garden. It's universal. What's better than looking at a garden that is filled with fresh flowers, home-grown vegetables, and fruit?  Gardening can require a great deal of work, but it allows for a sense of achievement at a job well done as your plants grow.  Besides plants, you will need the right tools to achieve your dream garden (or maybe just try to grow some vegetables.)  This is a roundup of the best gardening tools to keep your garden in top shape. 

Wilcox Trowel:

This heavy duty trowel is built to last and earns rave reviews from users for being nearly indestructible. The sharp point and beveled edges pierce into the hardest and rockiest of soils. Great for bulb planting, breaking up heavy soils, and general use.   

Bully Tools 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel:

The Bully Tools Round Point Shovel features all the elements of a well-built, versatile, and affordable tool . With a closed back design to eliminate debris build-up, this 14-gauge steel shovel is built to last and backed with a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade:

The Fiskars steel D-handle square garden spade features a durable design that is ideal for helping gardeners slice through edging, thick turf, or digging because of the flat, straight sharpened blade.  

Garden Kneeler:

Available in five colors and two sizes this kneeling pad provides maximum protection and features a 1-½” extra-thick high-density foam. The garden kneeler is constructed with high density, non-recycled material that will last for many years. 

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart:


The Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart makes hauling and unloading heavy loads easy on any terrain.  A  great alternative to the traditional wheel barrow with less strain on your back.  A well built cart that is able to hold up to 600 pounds.

Expandable Water Hose:

The FlexiHose expandable garden hose expands to 50-feet size when water is turned on. Then it "shrinks" to a third of its size when the water is turned off at the faucet.  It comes with an 8-setting hose nozzle so you can choose the right pressure for any job.  Choose from 7 colors and 3 lengths (50, 75 and 100 FT).  It is strong, durable, and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Bamboo Working Gloves For Men and Women:

Perfect for every level gardener as well as your other outdoor tasks.  Tackle all your gardening chores with bamboo breathable gloves.  Protective gloves with a snug fit, avoiding skin wounds and dirty hands.  An Amazon's Choice in gardening gloves with over 5,000 positive reviews.

Power Planter Bulb and Bedding:

Talk about making your life easier!  The 3″X7″ Power Planter is the ideal choice for the homeowner looking to plant more in less time.  The auger is ideal for planting bulbs, bedding plants, and garden vegetables.  Drills holes in all types of soil.  No extra elbow grease needed with this tool!

Seed and Seedling Spacer Tool:

Such a simple, yet genius idea.  Three simple steps: press the seed square into the soil, poke the holes and plant your seeds. The package includes Spacing Square with color-coded holes, seed dibbler with depth marking, seed spoon, funnel and a color-coded template which contains information about the spacing of different plants.  Your garden will be perfectly organized.