The Top 5 Pet Fish for Kids or Beginners | Dash Home Goods

Fish are great, but as you know, they often get ignored once the initial novelty wears off. So, maintaining them requires the responsibilities associated with caring for a pet. Who will feed them? Who will clean the tank or bowl? Who will clean the filter?

The first step is choosing fish that are hardy, low maintenance, entertaining to watch, and tolerant of a variety of water conditions.  Based on these attributes, here are five candidates for a newbie’s fish tank. 

1) Neon Tetras:

The Neon Tetra is a schooling fish and are an excellent choice for cheap, low-maintenance. Due to its vibrant colors and ease of care, they are entertaining to watch. Its peaceful temperament and simple dietary needs make it an ideal beginner fish.  If you decide to go for this fish, you should buy them in a group of at least 3 or more. That way, they will school together and you can be dazzled by them swimming, eating, and darting around in unison.

 2) Guppies:

These tiny little ones are peaceful and get along with most other fish. They like to hang out with their other fishy friends, so get a few together. The colorful ones are usually male,  the silvery ones are mostly female. Because they are so small, be sure that they won't be eaten by other, bigger fish in the tank.

3) Gourami:

If you’re looking for kinder and gentler (and 2 inches smaller), dwarf gouramis have a tendency to be more timid, and they are better in a community tank. An eye-catching variety is the flame dwarf gourami, which has an orange body and neon-blue dorsal fin adding color and diversity to your tank.

4) Rosy Red Minnow:

Rosy Reds are used as a feeder fish.  They adapt to almost any aquarium size since they have been habituated to do so. You can easily have 3-4 of them in a 10-gallon tank if you have a good filter going.  They’ll eat common fish food and don’t need any special housing requirements or frilly things. Because they are a feeder fish, you can get them for very cheap. They’re merely just a few cents at your local pet stores.

5) Zebra Danios:

Zebra Danios, popular fish for beginners, are an attractive, hardy fish. They’ve got a ton of energy and personality and are most comfortable in a school of six or more.  These fish like to stay on the upper levels of an aquarium, so it can teach you about the different zones in your aquarium.  Zebra fish are omnivorous and will eat most foods. 

When shopping for fish make sure you have the necessary equipment to keep their living environment clean.

  • Aquarium Cleaning Tools Starter Set:  This set from Friendly Fish Co. includes a gravel cleaner,  nylon fish net, and an aquarium glass cleaner.
  • Filtration System:  This is possibly the most important of pet supplies. All aquariums and fish tanks need a filtration system to maintain a healthy environment for the fish.
  • Air Pump:  Aeration through air pumps is essential to the proper functioning of a fish tank. Without proper aeration, your fish will eventually die. They come in various sizes, depending on the size of your tank.

Always read up on the needs of the fish(s) you want so you can provide them with exactly what they need.