Founded in May 2019 in beautiful Denver, Colorado,
Dash Home was named after our newly born son, Dash.  With this new addition to our lives, we found ourselves slowing down and speeding up in many ways!  We were home more often, chasing our son around the house rather than spending a night out on the town.  With more time home and another little human's worth of clothes and personal supplies, we found ourselves needing to organize more efficiently, decorate cost effectively, and improve our home to give our son the best atmosphere possible.  Yay adulting!    

We then found ourselves going to where most people go to shop these days,  First on the list was to organize the absurd amount of hats we had stacked on top of our closet.  To our dismay, the best we could find was a cheap door organizer or a basic hanging shelf.  We didn't want to take up more room without being able to store more than just hats, and that's when our first product, the Ultimate Hat Rack was born.  From there we found our passion: creating products that enhance your life, not add more clutter.   

Dash Home was created in that moment with one purpose - to make your life easier, better and more organized.   With our team of product experts, design and supply chain team, we constantly evaluate and churn through the world of products as it exists, seeking out opportunity to make improvements.  As a team, we strive to make great, well thought out products for everyday people like ourselves and we hope you will take a look around our store and find something you like.

Thank you for taking time from your day to read this and support us.  Your loyalty is what keeps us going and We wouldn't be here without you.


Amber, Dustin & Dash
Dash Home