Unique Picture Frames:  Think Outside the Box | Dash Home Goods

We have all heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s true: having photos up around your house can say more and mean more than many other forms of decor.

Whether you choose to display pictures of family and friends, of travel destinations, or of your children's art, you are setting the atmosphere for your home.

If you’re bored of the traditional framing methods, it might be time to try out some new unique picture frame ideas.

Umbra Prisma Picture Frame:  This unique frame comes in a variety of sizes and attractive finishes that will compliment any decor.  As stated, this innovative design floats your photo between two panes of glass, while allowing the geometric frame to show through. This creates an impressive, eye-catching display for your favorite photos.  This unique frame comes in a variety of sizes and attractive finishes that will compliment any decor.


State Your Frame Acrylic Picture Frame Combo Pack:  I love the sleek look of acrylic frames.  They scream modern, present-day, and contemporary.  They can show off how beautiful art looks without the distraction of a border. This framing method is versatile and adapts to almost any decor style along with providing a sense of openness to a space.  Purchasing different sizes allows for displaying more pictures while still keeping the space clean.


Floating Wall Picture Frame:  The use of wire construction allows the frame to hover away from the wall,  creating an updated look that’s a refreshing alternative to the typical frame.  The frame mounts horizontally or vertically and looks good as a standalone frame or as part of a gallery wall. 


Majestic Mountain Picture Frame:  Let's be honest,  most "mountain" picture frames look like they should be in a log cabin.  The words unique and modern do not come to mind for these frames...until now.  State Your Frame has put out a frame that is actually in the shape of a mountain!  This mountain picture frame IS unique, modern, and comes is a variety of sizes and colors.  The streamlined design will be a stand-out among your other decor.


Rothko Brass Picture Frames:  Floating brass frames from CB2 offer up a chic tabletop display for your family pics or travel memories, photos easily slide in and out of the frame's glass panels.  Group a few together and stagger the heights with the horizontal and vertical versions. Tres chic!


It can get repetitive framing pictures in the same fashion again and again.The above picture frame ideas are just a few unique ways you can think outside of the box when it comes to framing photos.